WDSF International Kedainiai Open 2018 prize money for finalists 3300 EUR.

ST                                    LA

1st place 500                  1st place 500

2nd place 400                 2nd place 400

3rd place 300                  3rd place 300

4th place 150                  4th place 150

5th place 150                  5th place 150

6th place 150                  6th place 150

Dear participants,
we invite the best couples of the world to come to WDSF International open competition Kedainiai Open 2018. 2 nights are free for top 50 star couples.
Welcome to Kedainiai Open 2018.


Dear participants! 
We are happy to provide free transfer for all WDSF couples from Vilnius and Kaunas international airports to competition place ir Kedainiai and back. Please register for competition and apply for pick up. 

Duration of trip from Vilnius airport to Kedainiai takes only one hour twenty minutes.  We are happy to  arrange shuttle transfer for your convenience!  Also  possible transfer from Kaunas! It's time to book tickets and hotels! 

Contact us: kedainiaiopen@gmail.com